wordy Wednesday

I had a great start to my week with my story (hope to be a novel someday). I am still writing and I am up to over 17000 words. The hard part in writing this story, is I am in the middle of the nasty part. I am building the antagonist to be quite evil. My main character the protagonist is really getting overwhelmed because of the responsibilities she is now being placed with. She is calling on her friend to help. I am reading the story out loud and also have purchased an on-line grammatical editor. I have got 2 more characters to develop in more detail. I have switched to Microsoft Word and I love it! The ‘pages’ word processor literally sucks. Once I figured out how to get my Microsoft Word (for free) I started to write more. This is thanks only to a young man on YouTube who literally instructed on how to get this program for free. YouTube is great for asking questions and getting an instructional video.

I am planning a visit with my folks soon. Things are not well with my Mom and my Dad is okay, considering his many hospital visits with his catheter. Mom and Dad are turning 93 this summer. My mom has declined significantly. The next 6 months is critical for them. They will have to be moved into a care home eventually. It is slowly moving to that end. The process has started.

My Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot needs a more paced level and I am doing well with it but if I am not careful it can come back and get stiff and hard to walk on. Riding horses is getting to be a challenge. I keep adjusting my foot placement in the stirrup to not have too much pressure on my left ball of my foot. I figured out I need to move my foot back to the heel of my cowboy boot in the stirrup and then it is good. I want to keep riding this summer. My cowboy boots are not comfortable with my orthotics in them so I go without. I need to do the toe stretch (fingers from other hand push through each toe for at least 30 seconds). It works well and keeps my foot flexible.

I am feeling like I can get a handle on this COVID-19, which , is always going to be around. Staying protected with a vaccine keeps us out of danger of dying. The hospitals will cope better with the majority being vaccinated. Some groups (it’s a free country) will never get vaccinated. Choices, are always being made and whether we fight our provincial/national health system or trust them is the issue here, my opinion only. Who knows what they are really doing with this pandemic? Glad our province has a step-by-step plan with vaccine rate. At least it’s a plan.

I am debating about investing in a Insta Pot. We do not eat out often. We used to eat out at least once or twice a week for lunch and a supper. The local Mr. Mikes restaurant has been open for months and it is great to go there every few weeks. We love our Cameo Pizza here and order from them. They are just a take-out and a super fantastic pizza!

My husband has been amazing through the Valentines Day, my birthday and Mother’s Day. It is very loving to be recognized as a woman and wife and Mom and being another year older. I am 65 years old. That just means more work to keep the body working well and I have found 10 minutes of meditation (usually mid afternoon I do this) and 6 yoga postures, done daily, will keep me horse riding and bike riding. Swimming laps is over for me and the only way I can swim laps now is if I just do the side-stroke or an elementary back stroke. I cannot continue doing breast-stroke or front crawl. I have attempted wearing those snorkels that you can keep your head in the water without lifting up during the front crawl but it was a “no-go” on that. I just couldn’t find a nice easy breath with that on.

A mini-vacation at Duck Mountain Provincial Park is booked for June.

Here is my all time favourite quote. I do not know who said this, but I am practicing this, because, I need to know where I am at these days.

“If you don’t stand up for something, you will fall for anything!

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