what is really changing these days?

I am so blessedly happy it is now the month of May. I can love on nature and feed off the glory of all flowers. I can go and hug a tree and watch green grass sprout through.

I have discovered that the only way for me to survive many more months of the 3rd wave fear on social media and to respect the fact that some people get very sick from COVID-19 is to get past that by living my life basically through the practice of meditation. Just 3 minutes or more. Shutting my mind off.

I have enjoyed the healing evening horse riding we go on out to on the not yet- crop planted pasture and fields. My energy is better. I mean my whole thought process is helped with a few minutes of meditation a day. Even 3 minutes a day works well. If I feel unsettled or worried I know I need to sit and close my eyes for a few minutes. It is a great practice.

I also like that I wear sun glasses a lot these days. I ordered prescription sun glasses for driving and horse riding. It changes my mood when I put them on. It is so positive to be wearing them. It means the sun is strong and powerful. If you practice yoga in any way or form then you know that the sunshine is your 3rd chakra. The sola plexus area. It is the “I WILL” chakra. It gives me the permission and choices to follow through to assume responsibility and to express the creative impulses that God gives. It gives me natural charisma when this chakra is balanced and open.

When you put your sunglasses on remember your strong sunshine-yellow 3rd chakra. Life gives you lemons to remind you of that strong charismatic yellow colour. You have the power of your 3rd chakra.

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