The value in a clean Kitchen Sink

Getting up in the morning to a very shiny empty spotless kitchen sink is more good happiness therapy than it sounds.

I go to this every morning. And it refreshes me.

It is such a bright shiny spot to look at every morning.

Have you heard of the Flylady System? Have you heard of YouTube – Diane in Denmark.? you can google that if you like.

This woman (#dianeindenmark) on instagram, got me going on a few things while she discusses her Flylady (#the_flylady) on instagram, and all the baby steps to a consistent clean home.

I don’t have kids at home anymore and it is just my hubby and I, and sometimes my son who show up at the kitchen sink.

This is a rewarding job for me to do each night after supper. It has given me something to do each evening. Shine up the kitchen sink. I don’t use bleach. I use Vinegar and water and Comet and a dry cloth after to polish. I was thinking of using Thieves cleaner from YL but my skin cannot handle the essential oil products.

Watch this Diane in Denmark on instagram as well. She is also a Dressing Your Truth Type 1 energy profile so she is bright and very cheerful and Scottish! That is how I found her through the Dressing Your Truth videos.

Rah Rah Rah (with cheerleader pom poms is her start to each video). Fun!

Keeping our bodies clean. Keeping our mental health clean. Keeping our kitchen sinks clean at night. Keeping our connections strong and shining up our questions is how I am moving forward. I am my own authority in many ways.

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