how do you take a good photo?

I like to think I am an individual in photo-snapping. I know I am not really. I think it is important to believe that you are. To be original and stand alone in the crowd of photographers is not my objective. I just feel good when I take pictures with my camera.

I am comparing professional photos to mine in this post. Which professional ones do you like the best? Which one of mine do you like the best?

my solo shopping results…….the purple is so rich and dynamic and I love belts and a red belt is an instant buy. I was getting dressed for my first StorySlam talk.

This one below is just such a joyful photo because I love fashion and shopping by myself (I confess). The blurred background of the castle or hotel or whatever that building is behind is the reason this photo caught my eye.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

This is my photo I stopped to take on my travels in Saskatchewan.
Photo by Gelatin on

This photo was at the Logan-Green Park in my community.

This stand-alone tree speaks to me immensely. I never feel I am a part of anything fully. I go inward too quickly and then I go extroverted so I can have fun when I need it.

Photo by Pixabay on

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