I am meditating -always

I write this post about closing my brain.

Keeping my mind in the dark while sitting still.

I like to count when I meditate and then it calms me.

I am sure of one thing these days and that is I can shut my mind off and stay alert, even if my mind wanders and can boot out the thoughts like I am kicking something out of my way. If it is important it will come back to me.

I can go outside and comb out the hair that is shedding on our horses. I can brush their manes and their tails. So grounding that is for me.

I can meditate as I walk and burn up some of that unspent energy when I get restless. That restlessness happens a lot.

I can stop socializing and checking in with Facebook and instagram and texting.

I meditate all the time now. Just close my eyes and be still for a moment.

Watching TV is not meditating,

I do not knit and wish I had the patience for it. I have attempted it but it is not for me. But it is a focus craft.

Cross stitch is not my thing but it is amazing if you can enjoy that. A great focus for sure.

Why do we think meditation is so difficult. It is not hard. What is hard about it is you may miss something if you shut down and close your eyes as you are still awake.

Taking a nap is different than meditating. How? it shuts down your body and you have no control over the mind because you are sleeping. It is resting but it is not practicing on the focus which meditating does.

What do you do when you are always thinking and planning and stressing about?

Keep the focus! I believe we need it more than ever. It keeps me authentic and true to myself and others.

Keep the OM!

One response to “I am meditating -always”

  1. LOVE this! I have a daily morning meditation practice but I find myself dropping into that calm and breathe throughout the day. You are right, brushing a horse is very meditative. I love how the calm of the breath connects me and the horse.

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