March mental makeover

It is March. We are half way through it. It has always been the month that is hardest to get through for me,

Now, I am, giving myself a makeover of sorts. How you may ask?

  • Meditating is the first thing. I am practicing a simple method of listening to Baroque music while sitting still for 15 minutes. I am managing 10 minutes and it has been 2 days since I began this practice. I inhale for 4 counts and then exhale for 4 counts and keep repeating until my breathing is constant and easy.

(My right hip is always tight in this posture so I help it out with sitting on a block )

  • drinking lots of water at least 6 glasses or more a day

That is all readers. I will definitely feel better by the weekend. It is now Tuesday. Water, meditate.

One response to “March mental makeover”

  1. Meditation is a secret weapon!

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