trail searching

I am so upset with Dr. Tam’s message of “it doesn’t matter if we are lowering the curve significantly, we still must keep our masks on and restrictions stay the same everywhere in Canada”. Does this woman not know how to motivate people? Of course not. We have two leaders in Canada. Justin Trudeau and Dr. Theresa Tam. Done with my little vent!

It was a sunny, minimal windy day and we headed out to our provincial park of Duck Mountain. It was a busy day at this park. We went for a drive down the road to Batka Lake and did find a place to park off the road. It looked intriguing and calm to stop and park. We started walking on a snowmobile trail in the trees and the trail led to a hiking trail called Fen Trail. It was glorious to walk in soft snow that had a walking boardwalk underneath and it was very doable to walk it.

Sometimes when you don’t know where you are going you trust and have patience to find what suits you and we did.

Life is like that and even more so now with the world germ warfare, Covid-19-virus-flu crap that is haunting us constantly.

Will we ever go unmasked someday?

This trail was so noiseless, sunny, protected by tall huge trees, pure white snow and no worries of running into people.

I am going to keep searching for truth and a nice quiet hike in the woods is wonderful for my mental health!

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