wardrobe change

I was kindly corrected by a professional energy profiler Carol Tuttle that I am a Bold and Striking woman. My colours should follow the guidelines of being Bold colours, Firm fitting, Simple, Structured, Striking and Clean clothing.

See I am going bolder and cleaner in my wardrobe and outfits. (sorry more selfies…….)

no eyewear in this picture and no make up

I have been passing the year with this energy profiling dressing your truth program and it has been a life changer for me especially this year. I have had the time to share with our private FB group lots of photos of our clothes and outfits we wear and get kind critiques and hurrahs from the comments with women around the world who are participating in the dressingyourtruth.com or livingyourtruth.com program run by Carol Tuttle.

I am waiting for my next paycheque to find some spring tops and pants and dresses. It will be an inspiring spring.

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  1. You look amazing and your true authentic self

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