writing is a curious thing

Story writing. Protagonist (lead character) and Antagonist (evil person). How evil is the bad guy? How many challenges will the Protagonist (lead character) have?. What does the lead character learn at the end? I am practicing writing a novel for my own learning and I am taking it seriously as if a publisher is waiting for me to write and finish it so it can be published.

I am curious though? If I am enjoying writing the story will any readers enjoy it? Writers’ write for the readers to enjoy and not just themselves. It is important in asking that question because I am using my creativity and story telling to stretch and keep my mind fertile. I still have to write for the readers. I enjoy the creation of the characters and plot.

Have you always wanted to write a book? a Novel? I actually prefer to TELL a story. Writing in correct English grammar and explaining the scenarios in detail is tedious and that is where my practice of explaining things in writing comes in.

My deadline is June 2021 to complete the book. The first raw draft 1/2 of the book I shared with my spouse and a friend. They are important in their critique because they are two entirely different readers. They are also two different genders. Male and Female.

I don’t have a title for it yet. It’s about horses, snakes, evil and the resiliency of 2 people. The main character is an Empath and the antagonist is a person who will not let her anger go even after 15 years. So hatred shows up which involves evil doings.

Here is an excerpt from Part 1.

Ghost horse appears

When Linda walked into the house after parking the vehicle in the garage, she headed to her bedroom. She needed to rest.  She lay down on the bed and instantly relaxed and took a deep breath.  She had discovered through research and reading books on empath behaviours that she was one.  She is a full blown empath who feels things with people.  She hated the big crowds and loud noisy places.  It exhausts her.  Too many people together in a room are hard on her sensitivities.  She noticed that the “sensing things with people”  and situations she shared these past 2 years had been very accurate feelings.  

She lifted her head suddenly and looked out the window from her bedside.  She saw the form of a horse with a big white stripe on one side of his body.  It was a horse standing by the garden, looking back at her thru the window.   Linda noticed the white and blue of this animal’s eyes.  She rubbed her own eyes and looked out the window again.  It was still there but moving around jogging back and forth.  Then it took off.   

She lay her head down and  drifted off to sleep, with fleeting dreams of the horse she saw out her window.  Where did it come from and why did it show up outside her window?   She fell into a fitful sleep.

The part of writing I dislike is to keep the story connected. So now I have to get the antagonist to affect my main character in a way that she has to use her empathic skills to get out of. I do have an ending now. Now just to pull it together and make this happen.

Until next time.

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