I’m going to the grocery store

Fridge echos as I open it. I make a list of foodies to pick up in town. I settle in to do my on- line grocery shopping.

Now, you see, it is time for prepping in front of the mirror before I leave to pick up my groceries.

What earrings to wear with my jacket? My hair can be covered with a hat or toque. Brushing my teeth takes 2 minutes. My face will get a touch up of blush. My eyelashes need to be fluffed with mascara. A nice lipstick 💄 to complete the picture. I am not vain!

I drive into the grocery store pick up parking spot and tell them I am here for my order. I look in the rear view mirror to make sure I look okay.

My order gets placed into the back of the car by the personal shopper. We say hello and goodbye and I add a thank you as they leave my car. There job fulfilled.

Now what? Go check the mail! I’m not ready to go home yet! I have to get out of my car and go in to the post office box station. I check my toque placement on my head and touch up my lipstick and put on my 😷 mask . (It is what it is)

I then drive slowly, mindfully back home. It’s a mental health outing and I got to make the best of it!

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