Reflection and Relief

I lost my son 17 years ago and my good friend lost her son 14 years ago. It is difficult to know what each of us go through. My friend summed it up with this. “The anniversary date of the passing of a loved one, is a day where I reflect , and then I am relieved when it is over.”

Yes, it is a day of reflection…..and we find we have no choice but to reflect. We never forget, but this day is a strong force of thinking and wanting things different but then when the day is over it is a relief.

“Turn off the lights or keep them on

Either way, I will see you,

call me back or do not call me back,

Either way I will hear you,

Tell me yes or tell me no.

Either way, I will love you.”

{by Marianne Williamson}

The bond between most parents and their children is without preconditions.  Love simply is—-from the moment of birth to the grave.  There is no, “I will only love you if…” between parent and child.  We will move mountains to help them if they are in trouble and will fight their battles for them, if they will allow it.

2 responses to “Reflection and Relief”

  1. I can never fully understand how this day is for you, so I send you peace.


    1. thank you and you don’t want to understand it. I enjoy the peace you send!

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