The Well Worn Trail

This is my walking path now. I follow the well worn tread of the horses trail.

I have a story to tell about this path.

Once upon a time I was feeling down. I went out for a walk. The traffic on the highway was too busy and I turned back home. I walked to our horse shelters behind our house and opened the gate to the corrals. I saw this trail from the horses tracking back and forth everyday. Because it was cool and a bit icy I followed this path as the wind was very minimal and I relished that for a mile.

I felt like I was one with the animals and our horses who live here.

I forgot about everything that was filling my mind today. I couldn’t shake the feeling of needing a get away

Out here in the well worn path of sameness I felt reassured that each day I also tread a well worn path and it made me feel so much lighter.

For me, being in the house all day makes me sit a lot and think too much. I need the air, the breath of outdoors going in and out of my lungs. The cold on my cheeks. The severity and sameness of the scenery. Just open natural pasture and trees ahead.

I keep walking and then stop to look around. I listen to how silent it is. The comfort of nature and grounding earth filling my soul.

I feel optimistic and the cold feeling on my thighs tells me to walk back toward my house. I am grateful to have the change in scenery and to be able to have the freedom to go. Just go and walk.

I go inside the house. I untie my hiking boots and remove my headband, vest, scarf, mitts and down jacket.

I headed to the kitchen.

I made a cup of fresh ground coffee.

I sat and enjoyed.

The End

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