walking is good for us

I am walking 3 miles a day. I have reached 10,000 steps some days but find it hard to maintain that everyday. I have decided on 7500 steps per day, which is 3.5 miles for me. If I get more than that then it is a bonus. The trick is to keep the walking interesting.

The winter provides challenges for going for a walk outside. Appropriate footwear and planning a walk where the wind is minimal can limit your walking outside. If that happens, I walk in my basement for 20 minutes a couple of times a day.

I even have a 30 minute video on walking in your home.

I notice that my body is more flexible and I have lost a few pounds and feel really good with lots of energy for the day.

The benefits are amazing. I started my walking on the 13th day of August and have kept on up to now and will continue. It is high priority for me and now just a part of my days.

We have been walking in the pasture this last month or two and connect with the horses if they are close by.

I like the smell of a horse and Grace let me get this close. We are good friends now.
Brian’s thoroughbred ‘Norman’

take care everyone!

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