healing must-do’s

I have healing methods for myself that I should of used or known about before 2004.

That may not make sense to you but I am a very unfortunate mom who has grieved over my son’s passing back in 2004.

If many of you are practicing the difficult process in being a parent; and it not matters if your children or child is at home under your care, or a full outright adult; you must practice your needs to keep you well. I did not know at the time that I was not caring for myself as a priority. I did ask for some help, but I could of asked more questions to find the right helpful person.

I have remembered parents who managed to stop their busy world to ask and get help, guidance, counsel, etc. with a child.

One mom took 2 weeks off work and spent that time with doctors on why her teenage daughter was so angry and having crazy moods. It was becoming serious and in the end her daughter needed meds to stabilize the menstrual cycles as they were manic. It’s hard to focus on issues with a child if you have several things going on for yourself. I admire this mom. Her daughter became herself again once the process was figured out and she literally got in the face of a few doctors to help her. FIND THE CORRECT PROFESSIONAL TO WORK WITH!

I have read about a parent removing themselves from the home environment for a few days and leaving their children or child or loved one with loving responsible family or friends. TAKE TIME OUT! It could be you that needs the space and a good counsel with a professional.

If I had asked for help and known I could if I understood it was okay to letting go of things temporarily. It is worth it to find healing for you and a loved one.

Keep yourself strong so you can help someone else, is very good advice.

It is hard to heal,

but if it was easy,

well then the reward would not be noticed

change could not happen.

Look after yourself correctly so you can have fun.

missing this loved one and I loved this moment and this picture

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