10 reasons why I believe in Christmas

This is a list of 10 reasons I believe in Christmas. Do you believe?

THE NUMBER ONE REASON IS…….the world becomes brighter; we are not shy about putting up lights outside, on trees, on houses, equipment, and so much more. I love this “lighting up the world” literally

2. magical times and childhood dreams are important for me to grow and share happy and sad times during this season. It connects people

3. Christmas stories from colourful books for children and for adults. There is nothing like a good heartwarming story

4. I cherish the Christmas animated movies and I still enjoy watching them. My latest favourite is The Grinch movie 🍿 Illumination (and many others)

5. Humming Christmas songs and singing the words out loud

6. turkey dressing

7. Scalloped potatoes

8. white fluffy snow (we don’t have any where I live at the moment)

9. the excitement of bringing in a live Christmas tree with the smell of fir or pine coming into the house

10. sitting by the tree all lit up, by myself, with the house lights off (yes in the dark) and…..a winter bonfire 🔥 tops the merriment for me as well!

I am getting into a NEW Revised spirit this Christmas!

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