5 ways to savour your tree decorations

I am not one to enjoy the process of hanging ornaments carefully on my Christmas tree

I do have ways that I can savour the process even though I don’t enjoy the tediousness of individually hanging each ornament and choosing which branch to put it on. This method below works well for me.

I do this instead:

  1. I now buy big tree decorations
  2. I have big hooks 🪝 to use for ornament hanging. (forget those little threads or ropes that come with the ornament)
  3. I put 8-12 larger ornaments on first day then stop until I am ready for the next group tommorrow
  4. group your ornaments quickly when ready to hang another day
  5. I only put up tree hanging ornaments if they are cute and/or have deep meaning. This makes me appreciate the process and my tree even more

Happy tree decorating!!

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