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I keep hearing about search engine optimization , which I have discovered over the past 6 months , SEO is the abbreviation for it and in most blogging how-to’s directives they say it is so very important. Picking the words in my post that google or SEO’s will choose my post and might get me up on the first or second search on google.

Whoa! and then I am supposed to not be confusing anyone and make sure that my title matches my content in my blog posts.

I get that I mean who wants to click on a search engine title and the content you read is not really what the blog title is about.

I just put out a post and I never use to worry about ‘search keywords’, tags, categories, hashtags.

I want my blog read so I best follow the rules here. Unless I have faithful readers who check in weekly or daily to my website and don’t need to google anything to find it.

What am I talking about? The pressure is on to have readers and people choosing my blog first and then I could be penalized for not using content that relates well to my post?

below are popular ways to title a post (just for example) to attract readers apparently……

  • 10 ways to a better marriage
  • 5 ways to keep your horse hooked on you
  • 10 things to make Christmas tree decorating fun
  • 5 methods to wrap Christmas lights around a tree
  • 10 reasons why you should buy a live Christmas tree every year


No I do not post things like that. Google or SEO’s like blog titles like that because it lets the reader learn something or they are looking for answers to a dilemma or frustration they didn’t know they had until they see the title on the search engine.

Help! I need some great titles and content? I post about myself and my thoughts and horses we ride (just stuff).

I can only post about what I know.

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  1. Agree! And I like the cat pic.

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