things that speak to your heart

I don’t talk about my partner too much and he is one of the things that even though he seems in the background of all my blogging, he is an integral part of our home and acreage maintenance and also a care- giver + part-time vet to our horses. I admire and love him for everything he has accomplished with these 40 acres.

I convinced him to move to Yorkton. I know he does not have those hills and deep coulees to take his horses on and ride for miles, like we had right behind our 7 acre southwestern home at Swift Current area. We both miss that.

We are close however to a big centre now and the highway is top notch to anywhere we want to go. Also enjoying more pasture land now as we were renting pasture land for our horses previous location.

We have met people. Some are just casual friends and we appreciate them when we do come across them in our visits to town.

The biggest heart throb, next to my spouse/partner are all my daily trips to the many lakes around the south/central eastern part of this province. The maximum travel to the parks is an hour at the most.

Pros and Cons…

  • We have a nice outdoor arena to ride in.
  • We work together to make our new life here pretty great.
  • We miss old friends but are still connected to some.
  • We have moved several times in our married life. This was move #5.
  • Wynyard – 3 years
  • Regina – 4 years
  • Prince Albert – 6 years
  • Swift Current – 18 years
  • Yorkton – current home

If you have ever moved locations and/or your family at least once, you understand that the challenge isn’t necessarily getting a home you like and feel comfortable in, which is important.

It is usually the new friendship connections one needs to nurture and pursue and start over with.

Very Important: This partner of mine loves chocolate ice cream. Basically anything chocolate!

Thanks for reading my muse post.

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