Gas Station Snack

Do you often find yourself practicing different weight loss programs? The psychology of losing lbs is huge and in losing weight and keeping it off.

I have a weight issue and I overeat.

I have to keep weight at a good number just for blood sugar control mainly.

I was driving to visit my folks yesterday and it is a 2 hour trip.

I needed gas.

I would grab a bag of cheesies, because I was by myself on this trip. No one can make me feel guilty.

fill up with fuel. (don’t forget that part) That is why I stopped here.

What is my mind saying? I want to have fun and I’m bored when I drive.

Fun and boredom are the thoughts.

That is the thought and my action is to put the cheesies on the counter and tell the clerk to ring this up as well as the fuel.

Easy. (that was my action)

I did not do this on this trip. I had my lunch packed with healthy choices for me to grab. this time.

The key is of course being prepared and having food packed when away especially a road trip.

I am 64 yrs old and I can’t afford any more lbs on me

That aside, the biggest thing I’ve learned is the 10,000 steps per day practice. It works and all the steps are your choice by either actual walking outside or in a gym or in your house is all that’s needed to get the count up.

I start losing weight after 5000 steps a day. I was only doing 3000 to 4000 this summer. This is DAILY. Always getting as many steps in as possible.

Anyway, you know what I am talking about here. I was just proud I didn’t fall for my “Fun and Boredom” trigger at that gas station.

I was prepared!

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