the balcony

This is about making a decision, a complicated decision, but I feel it was safe enough. This is how it went.

My dad has been in and out of the hospital all last month and part of this month. He is now home and I was booked in to visit my mom yesterday- one on one – in a secluded room at their senior residence home.

In this senior complex their are only 2 designated people who can go into my parents suite. I am not one as I live out of town and I make appts to see them outside their suite with 24 hour booking notice.

Okay those are the rules. It is a senior’s residence.

I got through the screening and temperature was normal and a new mask handed to me and the questionnaire form filled out. I passed. I had my visit with my mom it was for half hour only.

However, I am wanting to see my dad. He has made a decision to go off blood thinners as those meds are causing him great pain as he has a permanent catheter and his blood clots every 2 weeks or so and it’s back to hospital again.

He makes the decision to go off blood thinners as they say that is what is causing the pain. He can now spend quality time (pain free) as much as he can with my mom.

My mom is level 2 dementia and could likely need a higher level of care in the next year.

Both my mom and dad are 91 years old.

My folks are on the main floor and they have a patio door with a fenced balcony. My siblings and I have frequently over the past months been standing outside their balcony and waving to them as they still can come out onto the balcony and visit with us.

We have been doing this since April.

It is winter now and cold.

Back to my dad, I am losing the story methodology here, but it is emotional and it is maddening to not see your parents. It is difficult.

My dad is now high risk for a stroke or heart attack because once his heart goes into a arrhythmic state it’s dangerous, he is off his blood thinners, but pain free.

He wears a life line around his neck and uses a walker and is 3/4’s blind.

I walk to their balcony yesterday to see them. My sister and I decide to break the rules here and climb over the balcony railing and go into their suite. We did that and my dad was so happy to have us come in illegally and we hugged and I sat very close to him so he could hear as well as see me clearly. We made a quick cup of coffee and had some cookies and I cried as we hugged.

My dad for the first time said he loved me. I cried again and we hugged. He knows it could be awhile before he sees me again because he doesn’t know and we don’t know how long he will last now.

He was tested negative for COVID and he was in isolation since coming home from the hospital a day ago, BUT I am soooo glad my sister and I climbed the balcony. ( not gracefully but we had a stool and chair to help us over) lol!

My family and parents are more important than this pandemic right now.

my Dad and Mom and Sister

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