The kind + right side of the positive

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This is my story of travel in October 2020 during the CORONA VIRUS COVID-19.

I flew to Vancouver Island (Nainamo/Qualicum Beach) in British Columbia.

It does not matter which airline I flew with.

I saw the absolute brilliant and methodical way in which keeping everyone “safe” in Canada was expressed in my travel time.

It was only half of day of flying between the 2 flights and the airport waiting time between them.

MASK ALERT! I saw and watched carefully everyone while sitting at the Calgary Airport waiting to get my snack or waiting to board and walking around the airport.

What I saw and felt so good about is everyone is masked. I could not see anyone that did not have a mask on.

If anyone needed to have a drink or eat we just pull down our mask and when done pull it back up onto your nose. Everyone social distanced.

People need to see people, family, friends.

My airplane was so clean and the seats were obviously repositioned to accommodate space between the seats in front of you and behind. There was only one flight out of the 4 I took that week that was full. It was a big plane and everyone just kept their masks on and the flight attendants were prudent if the mask slipped down under your nose.

The hard work and the screening process and boarding took twice as long to board and the temperatures were taken and questions asked and confirmed. Hard work but I am healthy and can do this.

Thank you to this airline for the wonderful safe spotless airplanes and services I received.

This was so positive and it took the first flight for me to get comfortable with my mask as I had pulled the elastic and doubled it with a knot to make it more secure.

The first 1/2 hour was comfortable but then the elastic was irritating my skin behind my ears. The next 3 flights I got smart and adjusted the fitting for more comfort and it was really nothing to wear it during my flight travel days.

The vendors, like StarBucks and fast food or quick snack outlets at the airport are working so hard and are succeeding in providing good service and I saw an employee multi task at one of the outlets to make juicing smoothies and heating up sandwiches. One lady asked if she is here all by her self. Yes and it was the 2nd busiest eating outlet on my end of the airport.

We all want the normal but we have to work hard to make the adjustments and we are very resilient people.

Visiting my friend and her husband was fun and we spent most of our day hiking and we did a bit of shopping on the streets.

The stores that are personally owned were so compliant with the amount of people in the stores. These clothing stores off the sidewalks can only handle 3 people at a time. I bought a long top to wear with leggings and I also bought leggings at two different stores,

This is a tourist/retirement community and their livelihood is pushing strong to provide some shopping.

I have read that parts of Europe are in Lockdown 5 until December 1st.

I follow Michael Flatley who is the creator of Lord of the Dance and Irish jig phenomena. This is what he said to his fellow Irelanders.

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  1. Good to hear positive for a change. We can do this.

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