Hair colour + after a vacation

YOU KNOW THAT FEELING when you get back from vacation and you are so happy to get back to reality? Me neither.

I learned some things about hair and vacation. Hair is a big deal and I brought a couple of hats and bought 2 more while on the island. No hair issues wearing a hat.

I had it coloured to a dark rich brown just before I left. I like it but it was such a shock after my blond COLOR THAT I had for the last 8 weeks. I learned that you can….

  • keep the brightness down if you shower a lot in hot water for the first week or 2.

If it is too dark you can lighten it and mix these 2 ingredients together to make a paste. Massage into hair for 15 – 20 minutes for 3 to 4 consecutive days.


Which hair colour do you prefer?

It is now after the vacation and I have been home for 2 days. I actually am liking my home routine again and using a fresh perspective and motivated to cook meals again. I was in a huge slump with supper time meals.

My friend was a great host and likes doing the hiking treks every day so it was a win-win for me on this visit.

I remember coming home from a tropical holiday in the Dominican many years ago. I was depressed and broke down and cried a day after I got home as I was sweeping the kitchen floor (poor Cinderella me).

I am sure you have some -after vacation- stories?

Off to vote today in Saskatchewan and then I have to plan the supper time meal.(wink)

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