blogging is not a thing anymore?

The trend of podcasts and you-tubers and twitter activists tends to be the more popular way to communicate and website owners have to get really creative now to get viewer attention.

Some think a blog and website isn’t a going trend anymore.

I like posting photos and thoughts into a blog and I have had a few.

Here is one that is my very first blog and it is still available for viewing.

That website was soooo good for me. I talked about things that put me in a vulnerable view and it surprised me that I shared that way. Photography is in every post on that blog and a few YouTube videos.

I moved to WordPress less than 2 years ago because I needed a fresh start and more support from my website host. Word Press is good and there is a lot I can do with my blog now. I have to pay a fee but it is well worth it.

My first blog that I posted was The most popular, most viewed posts was and still is, was about GRIEF.

Here are few links to click on if you want to see my favourite most popular posts from the last 11 years after having spent 4 years recuperating from the death of my eldest son. This writing and posting and sharing was a huge therapy for me. Still is.

Mother’s Day and Loss

Graham meeting Tommy at hospital

Grief and my writing about it is my most viewed blog posts. Here is another one about

“let’s talk – my turn”

Yes, grief is difficult to move through year after year and writing about it in my first few years on my blog got me through a lot.

Blogging will always be a “thing” for me.

2 responses to “blogging is not a thing anymore?”

  1. They were saying this about blogging a long time ago. It’s here to stay.


    1. yes thanks for saying that because so many of us here on WordPress are blogging successfully!

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