waking up to a purpose

It feels like a purposeless time in my life. I won’t depress you with this post. A lot of the time I do have a sense of purpose. But lately not so much. I need a picture or a photo, actually, here right now, to keep on writing. I am very motivated by photos and writing. Sometimes just a photo does it for me. I can’t write a post on this website without a photo. Nope!

I will attempt to write without a photo though, as a challenge.

My purpose is to just be a photographer and a writer.

The everyday is interesting. What we do everyday matters. The mindless tasks of chores. If taking out garbage, recycling, cleaning the bathroom, wiping the counters, planning for groceries and meal prepping is not your thing then what is? and who does it for you?

Taking the time to do these chores, for me, in my day is a purpose and my well being. It is my healthy approach to keeping normal and consistent and stabilized.

I am not one who can get chaotic and not know why it is chaotic. Chaotic is good if its to sort out events good and bad.

I need a photo….ok I will keep writing. I can do it.

I am looking forward to my hair cut in a couple of days. Yes I would like to put a photo in here of my hair, but I won’t. The challenge is getting harder. Where is that photo I need one.!!!!

I can write without a photo here. Yes I am doing it.

It’s so easy to snap photos of a day, a moment, etc with our smart phones. Too easy sometimes.

I post a lot on the instagram and Facebook 24 hour stories, constantly. It’s like I can’t get through the day without posting something about me, my house, my yard, my clothes, my food, my books, my horses, my trips…..and on and on.

I do this as a record of doing things and having things to be grateful for. It keeps me grateful.

Waking up with a purpose for me is waking up and being grateful. I wake up grateful for my pyjamas that are so soft and light and all my colours I feel good in.

This writing is turning into a grateful post. That is what keeps me moving forward and soulful.

How did you make out reading this post without a photo or video or SOMETHING!!??

it was hard for me but I got through it. (sigh)

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