Let Go Let God

My happy place is Madge Lake (Duck Mountain Provincial Park) in Saskatchewan.

Letting go of the summer season and letting Autumn come in.

I enjoy photography in a simple fashion and only use a digital Nikon CoolPix B500.

Most lake foam is caused when the surface tension of water is decreased and air is mixed into the water. Organic materials from naturally decaying plants and animals can reduce the surface tension of water, and when the wind blows across it, or waves wash against the shore, bubbles are produced.

I don’t have to say it, if you know me, but of course we were on a hike. I did not bring my bike this time as hubby and I were together and he does not have a bike.

I grew up in the summertime at this lake and my folks bought a cabin and lived here for 15 years when they retired and then sold their cottage 10 years ago and moved to the city.

What is your happy place?

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