Mental Mindful Mania

The 3 M words I use throughout the day.


– I have a brain


– Slow down and stay grounded, place hand on heart and breathe in and out 5 times and your true spirit will come forth…..grounding!

Mania – nothing is making sense but I have a brain and I can breathe

How are you managing this new lifestyle?

The Saskatchewan finance minister says that we will be back to our pre-pandemic times in 2022. Financially, maybe.

How does our mind readjust? We will be very used to the 6 feet apart (don’t fart) and washing hands more often than normal (because we can) and the masks will become so brilliantly worn and made and it will be normal (no it won’t not in my mindfulness)

My son has created a career from being an artist with papermache and entertaining puppets he crafts from video gaming. He makes the puppets talk and is very good at voicing his puppets just like a ventriloquist.

His career is making so much sense to me these days as it brings out the imagination and creepy feelings that are really quite healthy for me. I have fun watching and seeing his videos and newly created animatronics.

The creepy puppet on the heading of the post is the gaming puppet plushtrap puppet and Tommy usually uses glow in the dark paint for lights-off fun!

photo and artist credit to Tommy’s Puppet Lab

Bendy And The Ink Machine paper mâché puppet crafted by Tommy’s Puppet Lab

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