Writing the weight off – does it work?

D0 you like food? How about do you binge eat? or do you know that you actually eat sensibly , but yet, you are still not losing any pounds or just not feeling as good as you could.

FOR me it was all of the above.!

THIS book called The Writing Diet written by Julia Cameron was my guide to writing down everything I ingested into my stomach.

I wrote down all the foods I ate and I broke it down to breakfast/snacks and lunch/snacks and supper/snacks.

AFTER 3 months I was tired of writing everything down and stopped. I started to lose weight after a month of recording my meals and snacks.

I learned that the detail IS IMPORTANT AS YOU RECORD YOUR EATING on what you ate, how much and what the toppings were, etc

I found that between the time of 4 – 5 pm I would start to binge eat and get really hungry. That was a key factor and now I plan for either a walk, or leave the house or have a really great snack in the fridge that wouldn’t ruin supper. Eating or snacking while getting supper heated up or prepping supper is another important part of the day. If I prep supper early in the day I can go out before supper and know that I won’t be hanging around the kitchen looking in the fridge for a quick meal when I return.

I can’t even begin to tell you about my night time snacking. That had to stop. If I am out riding my horse in the evening after supper, I come into the house after and I want a snack.

What works for me sometimes is low carb crackers-raw celery sticks-rice crackers with peanut butter as some examples. Fruit at night does not work for me because fruit has natural sugars and I am a type 2 diabetic.

I am in a walking program now by my own accord, and I find that walking every day especially before supper and in the evening keeps the MONSTER snacking at bay before bedtime.

Writing down what I eat in a notebook was very helpful. It made me remember what I was eating throughout the day and thinking twice about grabbing an unplanned snack.

Even if I had a unhealthy day of eating and snacking I still wrote it down, for example I would write down the cheesies, the ice cream cone, the hamburger and fries, etc. That was an important step, because I am only human, and I had to accept that because even if I my eating was poor for a couple of days that is just what I did, accept it and write it down and move on. I always got back to my regular, better food choices program of prepping and planning.

Recording privately what I ate was something I had to practice and not be ashamed of falling off the “perfect diet plan”..

It is not about how hard you fall. It is about getting back up!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

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