active at gym vs. more active at home

I was never comfortable with a contract at the gym. I did sign up for one year under a team training contract. I was desperate to learn some things about what my body needed to feel well.

This was my first ever gym contract and the workouts aside, it really aggravated me that control over some of my money for that year was in the hands of gym owners.

Oh they were good about stopping and starting the payments if I was ill or on holiday. NO PROBLEM. But it was the fact that I had to keep in contact with the gym to notify when I needed to freeze the payments and to start them again. Sometimes I needed a doctor’s note (eek really).

I could hardly wait for my contract to be up for renewal and cancel it. I still had to pay $100 cancellation fee even though I completed my one year training. (that was the fine print at the bottom of the contract )

That being said the positives were:

  1. I had to be accountable for showing up due to the money invested
  2. I had to schedule my workout times with a trainer so that kept me off that recliner in the living room
  3. I found out that I can achieve goals with my fitness. I achieved the standard WHO (World Health Organization) weekly fitness standards for those 14 months.
  4. I am not afraid of lifting my saddle on and off a horse anymore, I can handle the weight and know how to keep myself safe.
  5. socializing in the team training group was fun for the most part of it

I did 8 training sessions a month for 12 months so at least 100 workouts I did with a trainer in a group, of on average, 8 people, for 14 months as they renegotiated my contract 3 months after I signed up and reduced the fee and training options.

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Now I have finally contemplated, back and forth, that I can maintain my own program at home. I can do this because of:

  • since 1996 I began yoga classes and have learned about stretching the body and continue with attending yoga classes. There is always a favourite class on-line to follow.
  • being accountable for walking the allotted steps needed daily. This is the most constant enjoyable relaxing exercise I know of and nature is my social companion
  • The winter time ,during bad outdoor weather, will be my challenge as I have chosen to walk outside every day.
  • 1.5 miles in morning, 1 mile in afternoon, 1 mile after supper

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This way I move throughout the day and not just a 1 hour daily HIIT or just tread milling or elliptical for 30 minutes. I move and exercise moderately 3 times a day.

The health benefits of walking outside is great and gearing up for this winter will be my challenge, it is very doable.

I have been maintaining a 3 – 4 mile walk now, daily since Aug 13th.

I am looking forward to the rest of 2020 as my own personal exercise trainer I will keep maintaining my mental and physical health balance .

2 responses to “active at gym vs. more active at home”

  1. NICE. I am having a similar experience. Since March I have completely changed how I practice yoga, walk and get in weight training. I have an at home practice that I enjoy. I pay for three online memberships that keep me inspired: one yoga, one dance and one body alignment/strength/HITT. Now I don’t want to go back to a gym or yoga studio. My mornings are more relaxed as I am no longer rushing to and from a studio and home to get ready for work. My dogs seem to be happy with the new as it includes them.


    1. thanks for commenting. You have a good home fitness practice. I agree about not having to get to the gym or yoga studio by driving and rushing and scheduling it in. I feel more empowered as you are as well doing it all from home. Yay! for us!

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