the practice of not using the word struggle

We all use this word struggle. There is nothing wrong with it. It means to contend with an adversary or opposing force, and practicing the best way to resolve or remove what is difficult.

My first struggle I mean practice with an opposing force was, and still is, losing my first born son at the age of almost 19. That is a practice of grieving and is ongoing. Nothing compares, really.

My second struggle, is the practice of my high blood sugar (type 2 diabetes). I thought It was my neck and shoulder stiffness and pain over the years that was my biggest struggle. Nope.

My high blood sugar showed up in 2012. So that is 8 years and I have practiced to find a way to keep it stabilized and at a healthy glucose number every day.

My struggle, practice in contending with this problem as I age, (will be 65 in a few months), my metabolism slowing down, the practice of keeping myself with a healthy blood sugar is now impossible without some Pharma meds at each meal.

It’s pretty mild the meds I take and I still monitor every day with a glucose test strip reader.

It is very frustrating to go to the doctor’s every 3 months and get an average reading of my glucose through lab tests. Every 3 months. I am glad I am monitored through my Doctor. I do feel though, like someone who is of grade school age and getting a report on my grades every time I sit and wait for the lab numbers.

It’s like reporting to the teacher or your parents to see if you have been working on your homework.

I can say, with confidence, that I will not get to that place of being a type 1 diabetic with insulin injections. I am very proactive.

Still, when my blood sugar rises and I get practicing the methods to bring it down, is a concern , because out of control blood sugar, for a long time causes issues and eye care, and dry skin and my feet are a very high priority for me. Socks are a struggle practice as I have socks that I can buy now at my local drug store and I wear them in my cowboy boots only and usually I go barefoot in most boots and shoes if I can get away with it. (the Vivobarefoot shoes are great for me as I can actually go barefoot in them for as long as weather permits.)

So I am PRACTICING maintaining my blood sugar level.

What struggle, practices are the hardest for you? We all have something.

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