John Lennon would say today – Imagine

When John Lennon and Yoko Ono launched their “War Is Over” campaign, a deejay asked them, “Isn’t that ridiculous? The soldiers, the Vietnamese? How can you tell them the war is over?

John, as always, had the perfect answer and stated: ” people need to remember that they’ve got the power – not the government or leaders or teachers.” An excerpt from the author Pam Grout in her book shown below.

I find this book to be a real ….brain rewire. What is she saying I ask myself.? She is very perfunctory and it is not a read to take to heart but to get her message of rewiring your perceptions!

Anyway, John Lennon’s belief was that we have to imagine it first. If you know at all about Law of Attraction, then this was the beginning of that belief. He was one of the first practitioners to act on it.

The song IMAGINE came out in 1971 written and sung by John Lennon. You can search it on YouTube.

This COVID 19 will pass and it is up to us to know that our positive like mindedness will end it.


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