large hay bale storage

These are our newly purchased round bales of hay.

They are all stacked and covered for winter.

We store our bales in this manner, as we have no hay shelter to put them in – YET? It will happen hopefully next year.

We get the majority of our bales from one good hay farmer every year.

We used 12 pallets and 4 large sheets of strong heavy weighted tarp and lots of strong rope.

We stack the bottom bales on pallets with each bale front and back close together; then 2 bales on top for each unit.

They sit on pallets with one end of tarp sitting on the pallet and then we wrap the tarp over the sides and string the rope through the holes and tighten the rope so that darn wind does not loosen the tarps off.

We also throw rat poison in each unit.

So we have 6 bales in each covering and 4 groupings = 24.

My husband has been doing this for the last 6 years. Each time we store our new round bales like this he swears he is going to build a hay shelter for next year.

I brought out my tripod and camera and we celebrated this task being completed

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