Morton’s Neuroma and being proactive

My foot care with a Morton’s Neuroma. First one is the massage ball. THE BEST treatment for all foot issues, in my humble opinion!

A Lacrosse ball massage is key for me. Roll your whole foot over a lacrosse ball for 2 minutes twice a day.

Here is my story….

  • Diagnosed August 2019 from an ultrasound with Morton’s Neuroma
  • foot was getting painful so acupuncture, reflexology and massage treatments began
  • I loved the reflexology and so I went to 6 treatments
  • started my foot yoga exercises from you tube Yoga with Adriene
  • bought the Vivobarefoot shoes and that was a game changer for me
  • worked with a personal trainer for 8 sessions at the gym to activate my foot and gave me confidence that I can still attend gym training sessions
  • orthopedist surgeon gave me 3 choices: surgery, custom orthotics, cortisone needle
  • neither were appealing: surgery works but neuroma can grow back (it’s a thickened nerved so nerves are tricky); custom orthotics is not transferrable to other shoes, cortisones needle is painful from what I have read and does not work long term
  • I massage my foot now with a Lacrosse Ball for 2 minutes twice a day
  • I do Yoga for the feet (I use Yoga With Adrienne you tube channel)
  • all my shoes are now flat and flexible and with a wider toe box (Vivobarefoot)
  • fashion shoes or trendy sandals, boots etc are not in my closet anymore
  • My foot works well now and when it gets stiff I just massage with my lacrosse ball

These are my Vivobarefoot shoes I wear several times a week. They are flexible but supportive and the foot moves as if you are barefoot.

They do sell out online really fast.

Yoga with Adrienne Yoga for the Feet program I used and still do daily.

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