grief and a dream

I was surprised when a write up on grief popped up on my screen. It was posted on my PinInterest page under Adversity 2 years ago.

I wrote this post!

I read it again and it surprised me how timely it was and I sometimes get so amazed of how I write about my grief.

Here is the dream if you care to read if not scroll on down.

 I saw him in a dream in September and this dream was so real. He looked like himself in this dream and of course I started to break down and cried as he stood in front of me and he said "I hope you don't cry often" He looked so darned happy. I was in a library and I noticed he was working with a woman and a child sorting books. The woman nodded at him and he then came over to my area and walked up to me and past me and turned around. That is when I started to cry. His comment made me think really really hard and it didn't take long to get it. Getting it means he has his place now and he is working and learning about who he is and he had the confidence (as was his way on earth) to simply state a fact or emotion.''''''

Going back to some write-up or postings on my grief I find it helps me realize how much I have expanded my perceptions. How much I am the better for it.

Did you note that I said I don’t know how it came up for me?

There is someone “up there” or “down here” that is sending me a good message. Thank you.

Grief is a stone in my pocket, though.

A very important message for me to mind came about in that dream. Can you relate if you are grieving?

Why am I posting and sharing this?

When I share my grief it is only to keep some piece of it in a post that will always resonate with me, usually in a good way.

I have been having some serious guilt pop into my head several times this month.

I let it go, then another time and place, moves into my head. It is like something keeps inserting, taking out CD’s, in a slot, in my memory centre.

It is a very beautiful thing that when losing someone the memories are always coming back throughout the years. It is a good thing.

It is when your ego (or intellect) places a time or event that one regrets..

It presents itself to me anytime.

I like this animated video.

A real nice gift I received was a soft plushy robe or a quilt/blanket to wrap myself up in when I felt no one else understood. Very comforting.

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