in our sixties at the lake

I like this picture that was taken this month at a beach, sitting under a tree.

It was actually hot enough to want to be under a tree. This summer thus far, has been on the cool side of the weather patterns.

My husband is not a “lake guy” or “let’s go to the beach” partner.

I am a “lake girl” and I am a “let’s go to the beach” partner.

Here is how he and I can enjoy the parks and beach time together.

He has a really comfortable high quality lawn chair he takes with him and he must be on the lawn at the beach and a tree close by or be sitting under the tree.

That seems to be the way he enjoys summer lake stops and trips.

OH! and the real draw is an ice cream cone vendor close by and enjoying sitting and looking around.

It’s even more enjoyable when I go and get an ice cream cone and deliver it to him.

In this picture I had just delivered an ice cream cone to him that had already partially melted.

I was shopping along the streets of Clear Lake at the time and I bought the cone a few blocks away (stupid) and had to almost run on concrete sidewalks on a hot afternoon and delivered it to him. It resulted in 1/4 of the scoop melted. The cone cost me 6$ because it was home made ice cream and the waffle cone is always a bit more to add to the cost.

I got it to him safely and melted somewhat. He had to eat it quickly to catch up with the melting!

Sad story but the ending is a laugh under a tree.

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