look in and up

It has been a very calm day for me today. The first time in weeks.

I grabbed a ring for making a dream catcher and spent all morning practicing the

perfection of the web weave inside the ring.

Well I enjoyed practicing this craft many times over and It is still not good. A lesson here is that I looked in towards me and did not compare myself to the tight weave I should have when I see other dream catchers that are done.

It didn’t matter to me, the process of doing was enough.

I also took some sky photos while on the deck and wandered around our yard.

I used some editing on them for effect.

I have been ‘disturbed’ lately, about stuff going on and the weather this spring and summer, the ongoing incessant updates on COVID 19. This is a year of pulling the resources out for sanity.

So, saying that, I like lights. I found a string of little star lights at Canadian Tire and placed them on our decorative tree. That is very uplifting. My husband came upstairs and mentioned how he really likes those lights on the tree.

Simple things are mood changers.

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