imagine before

Just close the eyes and remember, think back when there was not a Covid -19 pandemic, no Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau hype, no fast news and up-to-the-minute news.

Racism is being noticed, every illness from everywhere is announced, all the retail and business sectors need a survey done from every customer or patient after a visit.

Think of the time when wearing a mask was for Halloween.

What is the opposite of fear?

For me it is CLARITY. Getting that fear in perspective. Breathing and knowing you can move forward. Calming your heart rate. Close you eyes. Does the fear hurt? No it does not.

I did this the other day as I was getting blood tests done at the lab at my local hospital. Now…. that is a place that is keeping germs away.. masks on at the entrance, screening questions, few chairs to sit in and I felt fear while I was there. This is what I felt,

The optometrists offices are fully hospitalized with masks and huge plexiglass everywhere. It is just precautionary measures. Just be CLEAR in my mind that it is for warding off germs.

You see I felt controlled by the government while waiting for a lab tech to call me I got “feared” or “sceared” very quickly because I had to wait in the hallway and the chairs were lined up like a controlled war camp. Yes my imagination was going wild. Too many movies about pandemics and viruses I guess.

I am writing this post to CLARIFY why I felt it. The masks create fear for me. I don’t mind wearing a mask at a hospital but what I don’t like is the HYPE about the business of masks. It will and is a fashion statement now.

If wearing a mask is mandatory in certain health facilities I am all for it and it is important to keep germs away.

Thanks for reading if you got this far, just sharing my opinion and caring for my mental clarity and world issues.

Let’s not forget the word IMMUNITY. Because with or without masks we are slowly going to develop it.

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