the next best creative steps

This tile pattern shown above here , was a slight conflict between hubby and I, in choosing a backsplash for our new upgraded kitchen. It is the last step and this is something we have to really like as it is stuck on those walls for a long time. I know we chose well as we like the warm colours and black also grounds a room. The black will be the grout around the ivory tiles. That is our collective choice.

Oh! please ignore the red brick pattern it is just the bottom tiles we chose. The red brick would be very awesome for awhile but may tire of that.

A good process for me, when I remember to do this, is to ask myself (out loud) this question: What is the next best creative step to take in my project or my relationship or my health ? I wait for an answer as I get doing something mundane and then a couple of good ideas always pop into my head or something pleasantly unexpected happens.

I know that waiting for answers to questions I ask when I am alone, is a practice to quietly see what pops in my head and follow through with it, even though it may be not what I thought I needed to do. My new mountain bike came out at me in just this way.

So asking the question out loud by myself, is good practice for asking for what you want in real conversations or disagreements. It is giving me a clearer voice when I want to make room to do the things I love.


chilling out at Good Spirit on Canada Day

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