Living my truth-selfiewarnings

Dressing Your Truth (dyt) is all about living my truth. Google Dressing Your truth/Carol Tuttle and start enjoying your life.

I came back to this Lifestyle with Carol Tuttle because this lockdown/Covid-19 was unstabilizing for me and I find that her program is grounding. A very clean program with no politics.

This is for learning your energy type and how to dress to honour your natural movements.

I am going to ‘kill’ it here with all my selfies, but these outfits are truly my movement. I am a fast decision maker, dynamic and need rich shades of colour.

peacock blue top (our trademark is a peacock) – a rich -showoff-peacock nature
rich browns
rich colour with geometric patterns are the trademark for my movement
leopard print is a go to and not everyone feels comfortable wearing leopard but it is a fierce energy

Even our new kitchen counter top is called River Gold and it is exactly my patterning and erratic design. I would wear an outfit with this pattern!

Rich yellow and V-neck
rich leather with design lines on it and long chunk necklace

So now that you have seen enough of me, I will just say it is an amazing experience to know your natural movement and why you do things in a certain manner.

I am a very good multi-tasker

I tend to have heavy feet going up and down stairs and walking – Pachyderm

I am Yang energy and I jump into things right away

I am good with getting things moving but not so good at details after

I need to exercise and hike to keep my restless energy happy

I have to tick my lists as each item gets done or appt on calendar done – I need that check mark to show I did it!

BUT... it is my facial features that are telling and will define my energy profile.

I have angles and square face and intense expression and crooked smile and I always have my head on a tilt and eyebrows move upward.

Just sharing the process of living my truth!

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