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Hey! how is it going today? I am frustrated with my focus here lately. We are all dealing with a Virus and Pandemic quarantine, and slowly, like secret agents, entering stores, getting massages, etc.

This last week I have had a haircut, donated blood and attended the dentist office for teeth cleaning. It’s distracting to live this new way with the reopening of our community and the new protocols.

Yesterday, I was interested in this “inherent racist” term. I did not finish the post off and it was published accidentally and I didn’t realize that until today. I deleted it.

I don’t know how to FEEL about racism and am very sheltered from it and how skin colour throws some of us into a different view of “different”.

I know I am creating a new view of the world changing and yet it still stays the same. It is confusing.

Human relations and taking care of each other now, with a virus, and staying safe, as the slogan or mantra is these days; AND YET here is the brutal death of George Floyd.

I feel that the world is being forced to create a new consciousness. It’s a practice and it seems its 2 steps forward and 4 back.

The title of this post is “Writing Posts”. It means that I can write about most anything here within means. I prefer to not speak out about politics and global disasters and unfairness, so this is a pretty big post, for me.

It is important to attempt to express what is going on in our lives now.

We can’t stay quiet and behind the scenes as this pandemic/virus is making us.

Time to keep your voice strong!

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