Embrace the wind

We live in a very windy province right now, Saskatchewan. It is a new acreage with trees that are still developing and do not provide much protection from wind.

How to be outside and embrace the wind?

Today the wind is blowing to 60 km all day.( 60 km winds is approx 40 mile per hour breeze)

We headed out to a large provincial park, namely, Duck Mountain. I threw my mountain bike in the back. I was hoping to ride in the wind protected trails as this park has a lot of developed hiking and biking trails.

It was one o’clock when we arrived so lunch came first. We had a picnic in a well protected area with a picnic table. It was so nice with all those tall trees around us.

I rode through the bike trail and around the cabins for about 30 minutes. (I avoided all uphill climbs, thank you very much.!)

Last stop was we had the daunting task of choosing which ice cream flavour we wanted at the Mini Golf concession that was opened as window service only, of course.

Brian chose…. CHOCOLATE soft ice cream. (always chocolate)

It was get away for a few hours to enjoy a small picnic and hit the

trails on my bike instead of walking it.

How are you embracing these frequent days of very high winds?

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