Such a good word!

Since March 20th it has been hard to get away from myself. You know what I mean. The distractions are gone and I’m at home with just my husband.

How do I accept things I cannot change? I accept myself first. Getting to the value of what I find useful and doable and creatively I do it. Fear must be stabilized in my own heart. So knowing what I can control is the starting point.

Mountain Bike purchase for ATV roads and trails
I am an active member with Carol Tuttle’s Lifestyle
I healed my back during the self isolation with YouTube physical therapy videos and an exercise ball we had sitting in our barn. We were using it for horse training.
Using my new tripod for more solid professional photos and videos, especially with animals and nature. A game changer for me as it is more technical for setting up instead of look and shoot shots.
I did find more humorous situations these past weeks. I need to laugh and let go and remember my true nature and I did and will continue.

I did figure out that I can only have a couple of active “Facebook groups” on my social media. Once I removed several groups and chose only 2 to be really active with instead of flipping the screen and scanning and not doing anything; it got easier to connect with people.
The only distraction I had from really accepting myself at home more was social media.
If I am no longer in any Facebook groups from the recent past;. do not be upset. I did it because I was not able to stay focused.


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