horse + rider photo flops

I am now getting quite advanced with my self-timer on my camera using a tripod.

Well as you can see in these photos I have nailed it (LOL)!

under the wire
horse looking away and camera set too distant
Uh, where’s Waldo? nice fence post and horse looking away shot!
I am bending low with my horse so I can get in the picture (so not necessary)
nice shot but horses are not at all “with us” (sigh)

well, we had a laugh or two

I used a Nikon CoolPix B500 digital and had it set on ‘scene’, with tripod.

2 responses to “horse + rider photo flops”

  1. Now let’s mount the camera atop the horse and film the shootout scene.

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    1. yes that is the next step!

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