a friend letter

Hello Dear Friend

Since I last wrote, I was blabbing about my stupid Morton’s Neuroma. That is over and I am fine on where it is at. I just massage my foot with a Lacrosse Ball every day for 2 minutes to keep my foot flexible.

Since I last wrote, I was blabbing about my horse, Grace, my buckskin mare.

She is fine and healthy but I am always at the gym or doing yoga and rolling on a foam roller to keep muscles from injury. But the horse ride on her back is exceptionally joyful and distracting me from all worries. Focus on the rhythm of the ride and be a team and make sure my horse is paying attention to my cues. The ears of a horse always tell the truth.

Since I last wrote, I may or may not have told you about my tripod for my camera and it is quite the professional status I have when I pull out my Nikon cool pix and place it on the tripod and then find a good ground to place the tripod and adjust the level of the legs and the camera settings. In fact I was out on a secondary road the other day taking a photo of an old junk car in the bushes. My vehicle was parked off road a ways but I had my hatchback opened and I was across the road on the side setting up. Two vehicles stopped and I didn’t notice them until I had adjusted everything and ready to click my camera. They were watching me play and forget about things.

The reality of COVID-19 for my adult-child brain has not overwhelmed me yet. I have learned to breathe in and out and follow my spiritual advisor in how to have a good day. I always expect good things. I like surprises and I expect them each day. I don’t honestly know about how long this virus warfare will be for.

I always secretly thought that we would be at war by now with the Donald Trump administration. What he is administering I am not sure but for the first year of his reign I was scared. Ha Ha well now I am glad that Canada has all this hidden money to provide for business that have closed due to government restriction and pandemic social distancing. (I don’t know where the money is coming from but right now…. money is energy). I knew that a while back that cash and finances is energy that is required to move forward on using it for our necessary resources. Remember when they used to trade furs and food and jewellery or whatever, back in the old days to trade , to survive and provide for themselves. Well here we are only we call it money

So dear friend, these are just some things that are going on in my mind. I am now in a relationship with a green exercise ball the size of a balloon blown up x 10. It is a great relationship because it relaxes muscles and stretches my poor old 64 year old body to keep going for another 20 years.

I am so grateful that we live in a rural countryside where we have our horses that we can work with and ride around on and take care of. Actually one horse is being treated for anemia and ulcers so he is needing a vet check this morning. Should be interesting as we can’t go into the vet building or anything but will just let the vet take our horse and drawn some blood to test if he is ulcer free and no longer anemic.

I am using a new simple and I mean really simple cosmetic. It’s called BOOM and you may have heard about it. It’s made in Hawaii and from the bee pollen and Cindy Joseph, exmodel, created this product. It is so simple to use and travel with. I am so ridiculously fed up with so many bottles and tubes of lotions and creams and lipsticks and eye shadows for my face. This product can be used on face, eyes, lips, neck, hands. Anyway I will discuss that in more length in my next letter.

Stay in the present and all you have to do is keep washing your hands and stay 6 feet apart from another human, excepting the ones you live with or your pet or a bird outside (you can talk to them now as it is spring-I think?)

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