My attention span is lessening a bit and I am working towards writing without getting up 5 times in-between. I an only writing 3 pages but still the attention is short.

I am doing a bit of water colour painting but I draw a line or two and leave it until next day. Next day I add another few lines. Then drop the paint brush and walk away. I have a multi-tasked mind anyway so to focus for a long time on a drawing or blog post or detailed baking project can be done if I stop and breathe and slip in some other little duties in-between.

FB stories and Instagram stories are my thing. I so enjoy that short quick upload and it changes and drops off every 24 hours. That is how I roll!

Okay I am done now. Just a note on stress and fragmentation attention:

It is the time now for me, to climb, to open each door in a new perspective. It is OKAY!

photo credit from photography website Streets of Nuremberg

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