an interview with a puppet

I had to go to the grocery stores today because there was an emergency in toilet paper supply for my son’s paper mâché puppet you tube channel. His puppets are made with a lot of T.P. and newspaper and cardboard and white glue. He is panicking because he has some more puppets to remake and new puppets he is attempting to complete. His location of residence has a serious restriction on toilet paper and he cannot get what he needs for his craft.

Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper is the only kind he uses. It is the perfect strength and yet softness to cover his puppets with completely before he paints them.

Mom to the rescue.

This puppet has been stored in our basement for the last 2 years along with the pink cupcake puppet. This huge bear called Golden Freddy from the Five Nights At Freddy’s cosplay game is talking to me about this desperate situation. I reassured him that the T.P. supply has been replenished. (wink)

The Yorkton Superstore saved the week and I picked up the 2nd last package. I am sure more will be in stock. It’s a weird situation with toilet paper and a serious virus spreading.

Just wanted to share that toilet paper is used for other things.

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