I remember when….

I figured out and asked a lifeguard how to use this pool lap clock while swimming laps. Yup it works pretty great. Better than counting my lengths or laps and then losing track.

I purchased this heavy warm bathrobe 5 years ago. I have to say it is cozy but also very heavy and I start to sweat in it so it ends up on the sofa beside and I sometimes use it as a blanket. It is a very Christmas like pattern.

When we first moved to this acreage 5 years ago, the horses had no shelter from the harsh weather we get. Our trees were not developed around our yard and acreage. We actually ordered this prebuilt from a builder around Asquith, Sask. I remember when it was decided we were going with the colour red.

I remember when I was in Swift Current last August 2019 and attended the Western Canada Summer Games. This bonfire is creepy! It is a welded art sculpture of farm equipment burning in this welded tractor tire. Very innovative but weirded me out!

I remember this ski resort. Mission Ridge in Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask. I skiied here many a time when I was in my twenties. I took this picture last fall as I was driving through Fort Qu’Appelle. This ski resort is patrolled by the owners on a regular basis now, because when I took pictures on this day, a truck pulled up and asked what I was doing. I said I am taking photos for memory sake. He smiled and said okay and then drove on. Well, you know, it is easy locale to pull up to and some people…..???

My husband built this art easel a few years ago. I was into painting outside and going on little trips to areas where I could set up and paint landscapes and scenes. Well I do really suck at landscapes and sceneries so I use it inside the house now. It is portable and I can fold it up and take the main flat board off.

I remember this green exercise ball I bought for working out with and it has ended up being used for training one of our colts when we lived in Swift Current. We still use it for horse despooking.

Last summer while the Canada Summer Games were on in Swift Current our son’s paper mâché characters from Tommy’s Puppet Lab were set up at the Lyric Theatre. It was a very very cool art display. (that is my husband you see above)

This is my riding Helmet. It was purchased as a white coloured Helmet. I did not like it white so I did paint it an apple green colour one summer and then I re-painted in this nice brown shade.

Both of my boys were born with a hearing impairment. This was my oldest son Graham when he was in Grade 5. He is wearing an FM system. The hearing aids had a plug in with a cord attached to the bottom of the hearing aid that reconnected to a small box that was attached to a belt he wore around his waist. The teacher wore a FM receiver that was like a little microphone they clipped onto the collar of a shirt or sweater. The teacher’s voice was always sent to my son’s hearing aids this way. It was a cool idea but very high maintenance to keep it working efficiently.

This flower is a photo I took while we were in Kauai, Hawaii and I was walking on a residential street. Stunning! It is a Hibiscus flower.

I better stop now this post could go on for a long time.

Keeping the home life fun!

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