no surgery decided for Morton’s Neuroma

I saw my orthopaedic surgeon in February. He gave me 3 options for my WIDE NERVE in my left foot. Yes that is what he said it really is. A nerve is widened due to fibrous tissue that wrapped itself on it.

“It’s not that bad” he said. Here are the options:

  • “Cortisone injection on the neuroma. But….there are complications with that. I can do that for you ” he said.
  • A prescription for custom made orthotics. It won’t get rid of my neuroma but it will be comfortable as it will be specifically for the area that needs support. It’s not like Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Surgery and it will rid of the neuroma however 3 or 4 toes will have numbness and if the nerves come back and feeling returns there is a good chance the neuroma will return.

Well guess which one I picked?

I took the prescription and went to the shoe store the surgeon recommended and I am wearing the most amazing orthotics. (I have had orthotics before). The Birkenstock made in Germany orthotic are fit to my foot and I can wear them in any shoe or boot. It took me a few boot and shoe wearing to get used to them but WOW! it’s pretty darn good.

I don’t want to know the kind of pain putting feet into ballet slippers can be. I do love and respect this art and athleticism though.

My feet can do all kinds of walking and handle all kinds of terrain now.

I am still doing my Yoga specifically for Feet/Ankles/Calves each and every morning (that is still the other half of my foot health)…. AND I only wear flat shoes and they must be a D width shoe or WIDE TOE BOX.

All is good now and the most important thing about healing is to know exactly what it is you need to heal and then the options are in place.

These feet (boots) are made for walking and that’s just what I’ll do! (Nancy Sinatra song from way back)

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