what comes around goes around

It’s the truth, isn’t it! I always meet up with my truth full circle.

Like when:

  • I say yes to joining a committee when I am caught in the moment; not thinking it through. Now I am quitting because it does not bring me towards my goal or it is not how I want to be or where I want to be.
  • When I commit to a club or program and it sounds good and it is good for awhile and then I lose interest. HELLO Donna we are back to where I started.

How about this:

  • choosing a program activity that speaks to me and showing up for events and activities that bring me joy I always happily meet myself full circle and go around again. YES!

I need to make myself more clear here. I do not like quitting something once I start or show up for volunteer work. I do not like to be perceived as a leader if my heart is not in it. I am just a good helper and very agreeable and available to get the job done.

Meeting myself around and around again is great when I am in my heartfelt soulful pursuit.

It is hard work to pursue what beckons me.

What beckons me?

  • Exercise! especially hiking and horse back riding
  • Yoga in simple postures (it is a must)
  • lake trips and swimming in the lake
  • photo shoots outside
  • Manifesting creativity like water colour painting,
  • dream catcher inspiration (just give me a hoop);
  • sharing inspiration through writing/blogging,
  • making a meal that is fun to put together and I can change up the ingredients (tacos, muffins, etc.);
  • attending horse shows/events

You get the idea.

What beckons you?

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