A Horse Named Donna

We were in Saskatoon last weekend and the following are pics of the horse expo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Honestly, I wouldn’t lie to you; this horse’s name is Donna and she won the NAERIC trainer challenge. (of course she did)

Donna is a dark brown 3 year old filly,.

…..this horse back riding is all right and I like my trainer (says the horse “Donna”)

Mrs. John Wayne is the name of this sorrel filly. She was a tough filly to train. (she was well named)
warming up for ranch roping demonstration
Keenley and Shelby training young girls to trick ride.
The big challenge for Brian and I was sitting on these hard bleachers. We had seat cushions too!

Next year we are going to the Saturday Night Horse Expo Extravaganza that was a part of this weekend. We were just too tired sitting in the arena for 4 hours in the afternoons, that we never have attended.
Next year!

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