when the stars align

If you ever wish upon a star….I never have; I just like to attempt drawing a perfect shaped star. Not happening as you can see below. (sigh)

I do believe in synchronicity though and “the stars were aligned” famous quote. So many times I have had the Universe help me out.

here are a few things that happen if I am available and think it out loud or even ask for it when I am journalling.

  • hoping for a parking spot and all of sudden there is one available
  • wanting a specific piece of clothing or looking for a good buy and I am shopping and something is just sticking out from the other clothes…. like it is speaking to me to notice it and buy it (several times this has happened)
  • need a massage and one opens up within the week with a very skilled massage therapist
  • thinking about a friend and they text me to see if I am available for a phone call OR I run into someone I have thought about and haven’t seen in years and I run into them in the grocery store or somewhere in public that next day
  • telling my horse that we are going to have a nice ride and it always is
  • going to a yoga class and saying I don’t want the class to be too full and squished in a corner or doing yoga toe-to-toe. Tonight I wanted it to be a small class as I hadn’t attend a class in over a year. There was 5 in tonight’s class. It was perfect.
  • Asking the universe for help in meal prep and ideas for the day or week and I all of a sudden I come up with a plan and I am putting some pretty decent suppers on the table for a couple of days. I always ask for help from the universe and from my guides or in meditation moments for meal planning. ALWAYS!!

Are you recognizing any synchronicities in your day or week of things that show up or surprise you.

Remember to always expect good things or surprises everyday!

One response to “when the stars align”

  1. I used to feel that way all the time when decorating my place. I love thrift store finds and I would envision something I wanted for a specific space and would always find just what I was looking for. Now I don’t really decorate so I miss that.

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